Stephanie Peter Counselling


What's Behind Anxiety and Depression?

Understand what is happening in anxiety and depression, and the body's role in developing these conditions.


Calming the Storm: Strategies for Anxiety

Ease the symptoms of anxiety, take back control and get in touch with restorative calm.


Turning the Tide: Support for Depression

Ease the symptoms of depression and connect to others who really understand (10 weeks).

$5.00 / month

Riding the Tide: Ongoing Support for Depression

Ongoing support for depression and anxiety. Stay connected, share what is happening in your life, feel supported.


Calming the Storm Preview

Click here to learn more about Calming the Storm - an online program to soothe anxiety and regain calm.


Turning the Tide Preview

Click here to find out more about Turning the Tide: an online educational support group for depression.