Hi - my name's Stephanie Peter, and I've been helping people to move out of depression and into greater vitality for over 20 years. As a Clinical Counsellor, my focus is helping you to shift your physiology out of the intense stress response associated with depression and other chronic health conditions. It begins with your nervous system: changing these signals allows your behaviour, mood, thoughts and energy levels to shift also, improving your health. This is really powerful stuff, and it's made a huge difference to how I practice!  

Our understanding of depression has changed a lot over the years, and we now know that it's a physical disease. Depression affects all aspects of your body functioning: your energy levels, problem-solving ability, memory, sleep patterns, immune response and digestion all shift in response to a powerful stress response that begins in the brain. There are ways to shift out of this response, which require time, safety and support. That's the foundation of Turning the Tide. In this program, you'll learn and practice exercises that allow your physiology to shift, and enjoy deep discussions that help you to build resilience in the face of stress. If this sounds like something that could benefit you, read on!

What's Included?
Weekly live meetings with a clinical counsellor
Somatic exercises which build energy, resilience and optimism
Integration of what we're learning into your daily life
Ongoing support from our Turning the Tide community
Perspective and encouragement to find your way back to better health
Bonus: your questions, concerns and requests will shape the program - you'll have the advantages of private counselling without the cost.

Imagine having the energy to pursue the activities you enjoy.

Imagine laughing with a good friend, and feeling the warmth spread through you.

Imagine feeling strongly connected to your sense of self and purpose.

That's our goal in Turning the Tide - if that sounds worth your time, please join us!

Why invest in Turning the Tide?

What are the benefits of this 10 week program?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of depression, based on the latest neuroscience research and the wisdom within our group.

  • Enjoy clear explanations that make sense to anyone who has lived with these symptoms, and which can be shared with family and friends.

  • Practice new tools and strategies to rebuild your health, based on somatic experiencing, a highly effective body-centered therapy.

  • Meet wonderful people whose experience with depression will encourage, comfort and help you.

  • Practice exercises that get you back in touch with your instinctive self.

  • Feel your energy, power and sense of self return, as you learn to work *with* your physiology.

Depression is a physical disease - it's not all in your mind. There are profound changes happening in your physiology when you become depressed, as a result of internal (thoughts and memories) and external (difficult life circumstances) stresses. These changes can be reversed. In Turning the Tide, we not only share our personal experience of what works, but also an array of tools based on the latest research, so you can turn these patterns around in your life. If you want to learn how to ease depression now and in the future, join me for Turning the Tide.


  • Will an online program help me feel truly connected?

    The goal of Turning the Tide is to build a safe, supportive network, and we begin doing this during our first video chat, and continue throughout our full 10 weeks together. You'll have the opportunity to get to know other participants, to open up and share at your own pace, and to stay in touch with group members (if you choose) after the program is complete. Graduates report how important it is not to feel alone in depression, and how valuable they found the program in this respect.

  • Will my information be private and secure?

    I've put a lot of thought and work into ensuring that the program is confidential. The online platforms that host Turning the Tide meet the stringent requirements for the provision of counselling, so you can feel comfortable that your personal information is secure.

  • How much support will be available?

    You can reach out 24/7 while taking the program. I will respond during working hours (M-F, 9-5 Pacific Time), and will be available during our weekly online meetings, where we'll discuss and share our experiences and thoughts. Others in the group may post questions and respond at any time of day. If your circumstances require another option, please let me know.

  • How much does it cost?

    Turning the Tide costs $197. This works out to less than $13/hour for three months of clinical counselling. That's just one of the advantages of group counselling - you'll also have access to the ideas and experiences of others in the group. Previous participants have freely shared resources, strategies and hope with each other.

  • What if I don't have the energy, time or money?

    If you're worried about your ability to complete the program, know that there are other, shorter options available. You can build your stamina, save your dollars and spend more time resting and caring for yourself - it's important to do what is right for you, personally. If funding is your main concern, let's talk - there may be funding available from a community agency, or we can come up with a payment plan that will work for you. Contact me, and we can talk about options.

Social proof: testimonials

Depression Made Manageable

The tools, resources and information shared in the class were very helpful in recognizing early signs of depression and being given the courage to work with the symptoms of it. Removing shame about depression was very helpful. Even more helpful was the week to week personal connections and support of the group members that took away the isolation of this way of being.

For Everyone

Everyone who goes through depression needs to do a positive, resourceful group program like this.

Got Me Through

This group really helped me get through a long dark winter with minimal depression… very different than last year.

Excellent Ideas

The ideas were excellent: easy to follow, understand and implement. I am using the skills daily now to cope.

Trust Again

I've gained trust in other people and faith that things can change.

A Lifeline

Stephanie is a lifeline in this crazy thing called life. Bringing many tools to the table, Stephanie is able to gently reach into the heart and facilitate the extraction of healing. I always feel heard and understood. Thank you for all you do Stephanie.

Help When I Needed It Most

During a low ebb in my life, I learned to advocate so much better thanks to you. Few people are a pivotal centre in society, where they make the world a better place. I met one in you, and I consider myself the better for it.