What is "Turning the Tide"?

  • It's a 10-week online support group that offers a deeper understanding of depression, as well as the depression-shame connection.

  • It offers clear explanations that make sense to anyone who has lived with these symptoms.

  • You'll learn new ideas and strategies to rebuild your health, based on a whole-body approach.

  • And can participate in exercises that get you back in touch with your instinctive self.

  • You'll feel less guilty, worried, sad or stuck.

  • This is a free introduction to the program, to help answer your questions and see how these online courses work

Turning the Tide begins December 2 at 4 PM PST

Hi - I'm Stephanie Peter, Registered Clinical Counsellor. I've done extensive research on depression, and how the impacts of this disease can be limited by effective treatment. I'm offering this program to help people who are looking for new tools that really work in easing symptoms, and who would enjoy connecting to others who understand. If you'd like to know more, check out this free preview program! You can also contact me at stephanie@spetercounselling.ca with any questions.
photo of Stephanie

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