Will Calming the Storm be Helpful for You?

  • Do you deal with racing thoughts, tense muscles and "what if" worries on a regular basis?

  • Is it difficult to relax or get a good night's sleep?

  • Are your relationships suffering due to anxious habits and behaviours?

  • Are your usual coping methods no longer enough?

What Am I Offering in Calming the Storm?

Hi there - I'm Stephanie Peter, a Clinical Counsellor who has worked with people to effectively soothe anxiety and panic for over 20 years. I know how energy-draining and frustrating it is to live with anxiety: not being able to relax fully, and never knowing when your symptoms will be triggered. In this program, I've collected the best tools for shifting your physiology and returning to your birthright of rest and calm.

I began studying anxiety because of my own experiences with this condition. When I was younger, I couldn't stop my mind creating "What if...?" scenarios, and this affected my ability to relax, focus and succeed where it mattered most to me. I read different books and attended workshops and therapy, but it wasn't until I started training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) that I was able to see and feel a change in myself. SE is a gentle, body-based approach that provides the most effective tools I've ever found for regulating the nervous system and getting 'unstuck' from anxiety. That's what I share with you in this program. You'll learn how to deactivate anxiety that's been trapped in your physiology, to enjoy sleep and relaxation on a regular basis, and to feel that you have control again. If that sounds like what you're looking for, read on!

What's Included?
A progressively deeper understanding of anxiety, based on modern neuroscience.
The opportunity to explore new tools, and find those that work best for you.
Weekly support from a clinical counsellor to integrate rest and calm into your daily life.
Practical solutions for insomnia, worry, dread and panic.
Access to a supportive, healthy community where you can share your learning.
Bonus: your questions, concerns and requests will shape the program. You'll have the advantages of personalized treatment without the cost.

Imagine waking in the morning after another good night's sleep.

Imagine facing a challenging situation, yet knowing that you have the tools to remain focused and effective.

Imagine feeling tension drain out of your body on a regular basis.

These are our goals in Calming the Storm. Won't you join me?

What Do Others Say?

Huge Rewards

by M.D.

I am finding this approach very freeing. It takes work to recognize when and how I need to be using a tool, but the rewards for doing so are pretty huge for me. I can take much more control over the build up to panic attacks and PTSD episodes. Gaining awareness of the discomfort in my body and taking action to ease it is a lot more effective than the therapies I have had in the past.

A Lifeline

by L.S.

Stephanie is a lifeline in this crazy thing called life. Bringing many tools to the table, Stephanie is able to gently reach into the heart and facilitate the extraction of healing. I always feel heard and understood. Thank you for all you do Stephanie.

Help When I Needed It Most

During a low ebb in my life, I learned to advocate so much better thanks to you. Few people are a pivotal centre in society, where they make the world a better place. I met one in you, and I consider myself the better for it.

Pricing options

Purchase the whole program, or divide it into 3 monthly payments that fit your budget.

Regain calm, control and certainty.

Don't let fear hold you back.