Calming the Storm: Strategies for Anxiety

Discover new ways to soothe anxiety and regain rest and calm

Are you tense, worried or restless? Does your mind leap to worst case scenarios when you feel unsettled? Do you limit your activities to avoid overwhelm or panic? If yes, you are likely living with anxiety - one of the most common illnesses in the modern world. 

Calming the Storm is a self-paced workshop that offers a deeper understanding of anxiety, as well as effective strategies to ease these symptoms. We will cover a wide range of topics, from unconventional quick fixes to profound changes in how you interact with the world.

The program explores the inextricable link between body, mind, emotions and social context, and sums up what I've learned professionally and personally about anxiety over the years. 

Take back control over your life, get in touch with your own calm presence, and experience relaxation and self-regulation. Join me for Calming the Storm.

What You Can Expect From Calming the Storm

* A deeper understanding of anxiety, and how to soothe both mind and body.

* Ways to get back in touch with relaxation and sleep.

* How to de-escalate when triggered.

* Communicating with your inner awareness: what is anxiety telling you?

* Reconnecting with healthy self-protection.

* Confidential access from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Program Sections:

1: Symptoms and Quick Fixes

2: Body and Mind

3: Stop and Go

4: Getting Triggered

5: Tips for Insomnia

6: Solutions for Anxious Habits

7: Let's Get Real: Expectations

8: The Dashboard Warning Light

9: Trust and Self Protection

10: Staying Regulated

What's included?

9 Videos
1 Survey
5 Multimedia
25 Texts
10 PDFs
6 Audios
2 Presentations
Stephanie Peter, MA, RCC, SEP
Stephanie Peter, MA, RCC, SEP
Registered Clinical Counsellor

About the Facilitator

For over 25 years, I have helped people to create healthier futures for themselves by providing education and counselling. I've been particularly successful working with those whose life experiences have led to stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness and a desire for change. My approach goes beyond typical counselling, as I take a whole body approach to healing.

In my online programs, we look at thoughts, feelings, behaviours as well as the physical symptoms that you struggle with, and use all of this information to improve your health. Looking at the bigger picture gives clarity, as well as longer-lasting change. People leave my programs with new ideas, energy and hope.

Get back in touch with your healthy instincts. Learn new, effective tools for anxiety, and regain calm and certainty.

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