Why invest in Calming the Storm?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of anxiety, and multiple ways to soothe both your mind and body.

  • Learn easy ways to get back in touch with relaxation and sleep.

  • Practice step-by-step instructions for de-escalating out of panic when you get triggered.

  • Reconnect with your own inner awareness and healthy self-protection.

  • Learn effective tools to manage all kinds of anxious habits.

  • What others are saying...

    "Gaining awareness of the discomfort in my body and taking action to ease it is a lot more effective than the therapies I have had in the past."

  • More feedback...

    "I am finding this approach very freeing. It takes work to recognize when and how I need to be using a tool, but the rewards for doing so are pretty huge for me."

  • Past participants say...

    "I can take much more control over the build up to panic attacks and PTSD episodes."

  • And finally...

    "None of the quick fix exercises were uncomfortable or challenging. I appreciated that they were all simple and quick to test."

What's Included:

  • 1

    Before We Begin

    • Getting the Most from this Program
  • 3

    Body & Mind

    • Body and Mind
    • Calm Voice
    • Gentle Touch
    • Rhythmic Movement
    • Finding the Oasis
    • Sensation Words
    • How We Learn
    • Take Aways
    • What Now? 2
    • In a Nutshell 2
  • 4

    Stop and Go

    • Stop and Go
    • Body Scanner Exercise
    • Why Your Brain Needs Downtime
    • Room to Rest
    • What Feeds You?
    • Roots Grounding Exercise
    • What Now? 3
    • In a Nutshell 3
  • 5

    Getting Triggered

    • Getting Triggered
    • Identifying Triggers
    • Trigger Intensity
    • Rate Your Triggers
    • Intense Anxiety: Running
    • Intense Anxiety: Kidney Hold
    • Moderate Anxiety: Going to the Edge
    • Moderate Anxiety: Finding the Antidote
    • How Are You Doing?
    • Deactivation
    • Mild Anxiety: Building Tolerance
    • Reflecting
    • What Now? 4
    • In a Nutshell 4
    • Feedback
    • You are Half-Way! Post A Public Review
  • 6

    Solutions for Anxious Habits

    • Problems and Solutions
    • Worry Well
    • Do The Yucky Thing First
    • Stay in Your Lane
    • Sunlight Meditation
    • Challenge Your Self Talk
    • Questions to Ask Anxiety
    • Predict Panic
    • Focus on Importance, Not Urgency
    • Avoid "I'll be Happy When...."
    • Get the Right Reassurance
    • In a Nutshell 5
  • 7

    Tips for Insomnia

    • Insomnia
    • What Does Insomnia Look Like for You?
    • Why Can't I Sleep?
    • Strategies for Daytime
    • Bedtime Routines
    • Waking in the Night
    • Natural Remedies
    • Tracking Your Sleep
    • Sleep Diary
    • In a Nutshell 6
  • 8

    Take Aways

    • Take Aways
    • Post a Public Review

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