What Will You Learn?

Whether you live with depression, or provide therapy or support to someone who does, this presentation will give you a clear perspective and valuable strategies that ease symptoms .

  • The unifying idea that ties together the different puzzle pieces about depression.

  • How depression develops, and how safety and connection act to limit its intensity.

  • Specific tools that ease symptoms, developed over 20 years of counselling experience.

  • Access to resources that you can share with others.

Testimonials and Reviews

Five Stars

by P.K.

Your calm voice, pauses in script, and slides are very effective in communicating the message. I also liked the invitation to participate with the hand activity. These actions can be shared easily with others to help communicate the message. Thank you!

Thank You!

by E.B.

Very professional, informative and I did not want anything to interrupt, as my attention was held throughout. You have an amazingly relaxed presentation style that lets us take in the information and apply it to our own experiences. So glad I was able to be a participant!


by L.R.

I really appreciated the clear and easily understood explanation of the polyvagal theory of depression and the validation that it is a physical response to environmental conditions rather than a character flaw or moral deficiency. Thank You!!


by K.S.

An excellent talk on the physiology and psychology of depression!

Thank you!

by J.T.M.

Highly informative and easy to understand. It's ESPECIALLY helpful that it is free!!!

Revolutionary approach

by P.P.

I am very pleased to have enrolled in this course because I have learned a lot of things that will help me to improve my life and relationships, recover my health and see my timeline through a new and positive lens. I recommend this experience to all.

Learn what depression is, and how you can ease symptoms