Why invest in Turning the Tide?

What are the benefits of this 10 week program?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of depression, as well as the depression-shame connection.

  • Share clear explanations that make sense to anyone who has lived with these symptoms.

  • Learn new ideas and strategies to rebuild your health, based on a whole-body approach.

  • Practice exercises that get you back in touch with your instinctive self.

  • Feel less guilty, worried, sad or stuck.

  • What others are saying...

    "This group really helped me get through a long dark winter with minimal depression… very different than last year." • "The ideas were excellent: easy to follow, understand and implement. I am using the skills daily now to cope." • "Safe, soft and empowering."

What's Included

Each week, we focus on a different aspect of depression. Here are the details:

Pricing options

Questions? Contact Stephanie at ttt@spetercounselling.ca