Turning the Tide: Support for Depression

An online educational support group

Turning the Tide is a 10-week educational support group for people living with depression. Taking a whole body approach, we will explore fresh ways to ease your symptoms, allowing you to discover the tools that work best for you. At the same time, you'll be able to connect and share with others who really understand.

What to Expect:

  • A deeper understanding of depression, as well as the depression-shame connection.
  • Clear explanations that make sense to anyone who has lived with these symptoms.
  • New ideas and strategies to rebuild your health.
  • Hands-on practice that improves communication with your body.
  • The opportunity to feel less guilty, worried, sad, or stuck.
  • Confidential access from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Program Sections:

1: Hello and Welcome

2: What Your Nervous System is Telling You

3: Getting Unstuck

4: A Feeling is Just a Feeling

5: Letting Go of Worries, Shoulds and Perfectionism

6: Shifting Away from Negative Thoughts

7: Handling Difficult Situations

8: Connection and Relationships

9: Your Purpose and Passion

10: Putting it All Together

What Others Are Saying About Turning the Tide:

"This group really helped me get through a long dark winter with minimal depression… very different than last year."

"I really liked having a safe space to talk about depression, Stephanie’s insights, and knowing that I’m not alone."

"The ideas were excellent: easy to follow, understand and implement. I am using the skills daily now to cope."

"Safe, soft and empowering. The whole experience was positive: Stephanie, participants and size."

For more details, check out the introductory video, or drop me a line at stephanie@spetercounselling.ca

What's included?

2 Videos
27 Texts
6 PDFs
8 Audios
1 Presentation
Stephanie Peter, MA, RCC, SEP
Stephanie Peter, MA, RCC, SEP
Registered Clinical Counsellor

About the Facilitator

For over 25 years, I have helped people to create healthier futures for themselves by providing education and counselling. I've been particularly successful working with those whose life experiences have led to stress, depression, anxiety, chronic illness and a desire for change. My approach goes beyond typical counselling, as I take a whole body approach to healing.

In my online programs, we look at thoughts, feelings, behaviours as well as the physical symptoms that you struggle with, and use all of this information to improve your health. Looking at the bigger picture gives clarity, as well as longer-lasting change. People leave my programs with new ideas, energy and hope.


Don't feel alone with depression - share strategies that work, and connect to others who understand.

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