How do I know if this is the right program for me?

  • Do you live with unpredictable and fluctuating symptoms that limit your functioning and enjoyment of life?

  • Are you curious about, and willing to explore, the relationship between body, mind and emotion?

  • Are you hungry for a community where you can share what you've learned about rebuilding your health, and learn from others' experiences?

  • Can you commit to making small, purposeful steps towards your goals?

Hi - I'm Stephanie Peter, Registered Clinical Counsellor, and I'd like to introduce my brand-new program. This is the place to come if you're living with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue/ ME, chronic pain, migraine, lupus, arthritis or other chronic illnesses, syndromes and autoimmune conditions. You may be wondering - how can a counsellor help me when I'm dealing with a physical ailment? Let me explain.

My training is in Somatic Experiencing: a gentle body-based therapy that eases the symptoms of overwhelming stress and trauma in the body. We now know that many chronic illnesses develop because of the overlap of two circumstances: 

(1) we are vulnerable to the particular condition because of genetics (it's in our DNA), and 

(2) we experience stressors early in our lives that affect the way our nervous systems react to stressful circumstances later in life. 

That's where this program can help. I'm here to introduce you to a number of new tools and strategies, and we'll work together to find the best approach for you to ease symptoms. The most helpful tools are those that build your body's resiliency; these allow access to a little more energy, more flexibility, and more choices.

I learned these tools through years of study, but also through living with chronic conditions myself. I have years of experience figuring out what can help, as I'm sure you do too. This program gives us an opportunity to share what we know, and to support each other in building healthier foundations for living.

What's included?
Six monthly meetings with a clinical counsellor
Somatic exercises and strategies that build resilience and regulation
Experimentation to discover which tools are most helpful for you
Support as you integrate a new approach into daily life
Bonus: as a pilot participant, your questions, concerns and requests will shape the program - you'll have the advantages of private counselling without the high cost.

Imagine feeling a little bit lighter and more capable.

Imagine using your 'spoons' for activities and experiences that you truly enjoy.

That's our goal in Making Peace with the Body. I hope you'll consider joining us.

Join us for the Pilot Program

Next session begins August 30, 2021